Ocean Cam    
  If the live Ocean Cam picture does not refresh by pressing F5 (PC) or Cmd-R (MAC), wait ~20 seconds or so, and then try F5 again.

  Lako House OceanCam screenshot updates to the server about every 15 seconds.

Use your browser's Refresh function [F5 for PC, Cmd-R for Mac] to see the updated picture.
360-Video Tour    

  Lako House 360-degree video tour hints ...
... To expand to FULL SCREEN, click on the bracket [] icon above.

Click on the ==> Flashing Dots to navigate to other rooms
Video Tour    

  Lako House walk-through video tour ...
... for the first time play, please be patient while the video downloads to your machine ;-)

==> BE SURE to toggle 'off' the blue 'HD' button on the bottom right to improve video download/display performance .. [ courtesy of 'Chibi Moku' ... http://video.chibimoku.com/about ]

==> To replay the Lako House video tour, hover your mouse over the lower left of the video frame above and push the blue play arrow button again ...