Ocean Cam    
  If the live Ocean Cam picture does not refresh by pressing F5 (PC) or Cmd-R (MAC), wait ~30 seconds or so, and then try F5 again.

  Lako House OceanCam screenshot updates to the server about every 30 seconds.

Use your browser's Refresh function [F5 for PC, Cmd-R for Mac] to see the updated picture.


Very Sorry but in order to be able to view & use the following Lako House Tour tools with Chrome and Firefox, you must go to the shield or similar icon in your browser's URL field to manually unlock what the browser is blocking.

In Google's Chrome's browser, it will give you the option to "Load unsafe script"

This is where the Google browser 'unlock' key is located; follow steps 1 & 2:

Chrome Browser


In Firefox's browser, it will give you the option to "Disable protection for now."

This is where the Firefox browser 'unlock' key is located; follow steps 1, 2, & 3:

Safari Browser


UNFORTUNATELY ... Safari completely stopped allowing mixed content as a security measure and so you will NOT be able to use the Lako House tour tools below when using Safari .. WOW :-( !!


360-Video Tour    

  Lako House 360-degree video tour hints ...
... To expand to FULL SCREEN, click on the bracket [] icon above.

Click on the ==> Flashing Dots to navigate to other rooms
Video Tour    

  Lako House walk-through video tour ...
... for the first time play, please be patient while the video downloads to your machine ;-)

==> BE SURE to toggle 'off' the blue 'HD' button on the bottom right to improve video download/display performance .. [ courtesy of 'Chibi Moku' ... http://video.chibimoku.com/about ]

==> To replay the Lako House video tour, hover your mouse over the lower left of the video frame above and push the blue play arrow button again ...